5 Think Every Entrepreneur can learn from Sui Dhaaga(Made In India) trailer 2018


Trends of Bollywood movies taking new place day by day,Now the Bollywood industry making the movies in different space, as we have seen   in many business and biopics movies changing the phase of Bollywood industry.we can see Akshay Kumar becoming the emerging actor who is bringing new style i.e, Padman & upcoming movie Gold in Bollywood. But today we will talk about Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma’s upcoming entrepreneurial journey movie Sui Dhaaga.

As I speculate in sui dhaaga trailer this movie is based on a person who struggles for proper two time meals,try to find out something for his wife and  for his Nations our manufacturing units.there are a lot of things which we can learn from trailer, but I will tell you top 5 think that every entrepreneur can learn;

Take initiative to start own business

As we have seen in trailer Anushka Sharma created the spark in his husband(Varun Dhawan) to start his own business. Initially, stage of any business creates many hazards, but when business completed initially stage it grows in twice speed.

Bond and support of partner:

In every business, we need a trustable partner who can support us every moment, can understand every problem (without telling any word of another partner).

As you have seen in this Anushka Sharma(who is playing a role of Varun Dhawan’s wife)  supported Varun Dhawan every time and tell him to fight for your respect.

Patience, Determinations, and Hard work

As we have seen in the trailer how Mozi(Varun Dhawan) and Mamta(Anushka Sharma) work hard, how Mozi changes the direction of street light, how he face dishonor from his own pARENTS, but the best part is he did not lose his hope till the last moments.


Get knowledge and Awareness of the Industry

To become successful in any fields, firstly you must have proper knowledge of the fields. As we have seen in the trailer firstly, how Mozi and Mamta work hard for getting proper knowledge of the fields, how both of them leave their hometown work together to get knowledge of the industry.  

Fight against the big challenge 


When we get knowledge of any fields, we work hard to remove hazards of this industry, As showing in the trailer how Mozi and Mamta take a big initiative to build his own company and starts own manufacturing units.



India is considersd as one of best manufacturing and best startup nation in the world but still in India starting own business considerd big task.if you want to start your own business firstly learn everything about your business as Varun Dhawan and Anushka Sharma done some in movie,then you would be able to solve big challenge.




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