From a Samosa Seller to India’s most popular RJ| RJ Khurafati Nitin


We all are listening to a voice over the radio for more than 17 years, the voice starts from the morning and made our day joyful and relaxable, something it starts at late evening and chills out our traffic jam mind. Hey, I am talking about one of the most favorites RJ in India RJ Khurafati Nitin. We all are aware of this name and his voice. but we are not aware of his journey of struggle, how does it tough to get into the struggle after getting success. The journey of RJ Khurafati Nitin is full of up and down situations.

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The journey starts from when he was doing the awesome job in the radio industry and the contract with the radio station is about to complete.RJ Nitin was in full of confidence that he will get the job in any radio stations, eventually the contract with radio station has finished. Then, Nitin started to find new jobs he informed all his colleague and friends that now he is free to do jobs.

rj nitin

But after searching many jobs he was not enabled to get the right job, this situation made him depressed, because of that he could not able to Pay his home EMI. In an interview, Nitin said that”it was the hardest situation of my life. but I did not lose my  hope.”

Nitin has spent all his saving in starting for a few months. Now, Nitin started to think about what I can do it and the idea of opening the restaurant has come in his mind. But he thinks that he does not in that financial position. Well he took a small initiative to start a small samosa stall, he opened a small samosa stall at Gurgaon, you can imagine what happened when you get in a struggle after success.

But there is also an amazing struggle has started, he started selling samosa at the rate of  5 rupees and the cost of each samosa was 3 rupee and the margin was 2 rupee. One day what happened the new samosa stall has opened in front of his stall and the guy was started selling samosa just 3 the business of selling has finished.

One day he got a call from a call from a radio station, then the journey of RJ started again with a new inner power, and this power made his benchmark in the radio industry.


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