India’s youngest Apps developer :Nitesh Yadav


Nitesh Yadav is an Indian Web Developer and Entrepreneur. He has made many android apps and websites with several technical manuals and given countless lectures, workshops, and seminars throughout his 15-year-old age career.

The beginnings

He first came in contact with a smartphone at the age of 13 when he topped his 8th class.He started experimenting and googling things on it and learned a lot about basics of computer hardware and android apps. Due to which he even scored very fewer marks in Class 9th examination. But he paused doing all these things for about a year and scored a fruitful 92.83% in class 10th from a Government school in Class 10th.

I come from a village background; to spot a smartphone is a rarity. I was in class eight when I first saw a man in our village with a phone and learned of something known as an Android app developer. Having seen the benefits of a smartphone I was now bent on doing something for my locality and village. I wanted to be an app developer. although I lacked the resources, I pressed forward, asking my father to support my dreams and buy me a smartphone. When I told to my father about an Android development, he was not aware about this word. but He still supported me and bought me a small smartphone.

The fire to battle through

A number of other difficulties and challenges followed. To code an app requires skill and training.My family could not afford to send me to coding classes, and that was when I made my way to what I call “Google Gurudev.” I read an article about an app developer who had created a number of educational apps.  When I finally figured out how to use the smartphone, I made my way to Google Gurudev who has taught all me that I know about coding apps and creating websites.”

His first app, ‘Mera Kanharka’, took him four months to make and was launched on Google Play.  This app helps connect my village to digital India, giving them access to the outside world.Today, yadav has created over 14 websites for various clients, and apps like ‘Kisan Guru’ help farmers connect with the digital world, receiving information on market prices, how to grow crops etc., which has over 30,000 downloads.

He has also launched a software named ‘Exam Mitra’ for students while using facebook. he takes Skype classes for students at his village and others on various social media platforms regularly, teaching them about web developing at no cost. .he is also currently working on software development company named Techsicon that aims to promote any business as a brand to the global level.

From class 9 till class 11, I have been welcomed by Google, Nasscom, Programming hub and numerous all the more enormous IT brands to know my story and acknowledge me,My point is to digitize each and every town in India and prepare understudies in web improvement and mechanical technology so they’re ready to plan applications themselves and offer back to the network. In addition, I don’t need them to experience the hardships I have.


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