Upcoming startup events in Delhi (India) September 2018


Startups ecosystem is increasing day by day in India. Government is also empowering startups in India. startup is a new age of proffession.basically, the youth of India taking new steps to make their career. just because of that the startup events taking place in this society.there are some upcoming startup events in delhi:

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‘STARTUP MANTHAN, 2018’ a flagship event for startups organised by RaiseMyStartup from June 2018 till November 2018 across PAN India.
Startup Manthan by RaiseMyStartup is a hunt across Pan India with a goal to boost market visibility for the most promising and early-stage startups. It is an unconference designed for early-stage entrepreneurs focusing on peer learning from contemporary founders. Startup Manthan will also serve as a launchpad for best startups shortlisted by Jury from a group of budding entrepreneurs in each city. These startups will be offered the enviable opportunity to showcase their business plans as well as products/services in front of stalwarts from the startup world.

2.The 1-minute elevator pitch

Truthfully though, you have about 1–2 minutes to leave an impression powerful enough to get someone to continue the conversation after exiting. Everyone needs a simple and compelling way to explain what they do.  So its important for start-up founders to clearly communicate the idea within this time frame.

3. Customer Success MasterclassThis meetup is our endeavor towards creating a conducive ecosystem for CS professionals to share and learn from experiences which will help them grow in their CS journey!

4.Enablement Hour – Delhi (RSVP)

Enablement hour – Inviting entrepreneurs to book their slot for a Dedicated, Individual, One-Hour Brainstorming session with our Startup Enabler from Espark-Viridian Accelerator. The enabler will guide entrepreneurs in tackling their current business issues during the one-to-one session. Enablement is at the very core of our acceleration programme and we encourage all budding entrepreneurs to register (free).

5.Inflection Supply chain & Technology Summit & Awards Sept 12th, 2018

“Largest Top  Supply chain & Technology Leaders gathering”
Largest Top Technology & Supply chain Leaders gathering co-organised by Nasscom & COE IOT. Attend Inflection to build your action plans for the ever-changing requirements of customers and business and benchmark practices to build smart, efficient, resilient, agile, responsive processes that can deliver superior a Customer service, higher cost savings, Lower Working capital and higher productivity. Furthermore, you could make strategies to leverage Technology Disruptions, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Analytics, Big Data to take your function to next level. Lastly, you get insights from top class Industry Leaders to handle a growing number of market pressures. Know more at web thealdenglobal


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