Ragman’s son got the Admission in AIIMS jhodhpur


“We should not give up and we should not allow the problem to defeat us.”


आशा राम  is the smart student since childhood, he was bookworm, he used to read books hours & hours.he was passionate to do something in life, just because of that he got admission in Sarvodaya Vidyalaya. After completing high schooling he chose medical to pursue his dreams. but now the big challenge came in his journey that was struggling for money to get admission in good institute. But आशा राम did not lose his hope he after many hazards he gets an NGOs who helped him for his preparations.then he worked hard for his dreams. He used to study more than 15 hours a day, due to his hard work he got splendid success and became a student of AIIMS.

When his father Ranjeet heard the news of the big success of his child he said he spent my whole life as a kuddewala, even I don’t have my own house, but today I feel like a king of this world, it seems like the fulfilment of something, I am proud on my son.”

When Rahul Gandhi came to know about this news he appreciated them and their best wishes, Rahul Gandhi sent the appreciation letter to आशा राम’s house.  

At the time giving the interview to India today, आशा राम said i will be become good Doctor and will serve my services to my nation.he also said that I will help to those aspirants students who want to do something for their community and nation.


everyone wants to live in their world of dreams, it’s awesome to live in it. But what happens with our youth they usually forgot to do hardwork for their dreams. if we want to live in our dream world we have to prove ourself for it.

“If you want to shine like a sun. First, burn like a sun.”


From the struggling story of आशा राम we can learn a lot of things from it.how he worked for his dreams, his hard work and most importantly how he started his journey.


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