Who is Harsh Agarwal ? INDIA’s Top Earning Blogger..


Harsh Agarwal is a well-known name in blogging nice. Harsh knows for his splendid work in blogging industry.he runs award winning blogging website known as “ShoutMeLoud”. He has always been passionate for writing since childhood. So in 2008 he started blogging with “Shoutmeloud

               I’m an engineer by education and a blogger by profession

                                                                                                  -Harsh agarwal




Harsh was not born with a silver spoon. He is an ordinary individual, who started his career as tele-executive in a call center company. He has sustained and overcomes all the hurdles in his career.

Since childhood, He has been full of curiosity and interested in learning new things. When he was 14 years old, computers attracted him more than anything else. From that moment of time, he started saving his pocket money (which was around 1 rupee) to get myself a computer. In 2005, he finally owned first computer (which he assembled himself).

In 2002, Harsh moved to New Delhi, to pursue higher education. Then he got admission in Laxman Public School and later joined Sharda University to complete his graduation B.Tech degree in Information Technology.

When he was in college, always used to think that getting a good job and living the ordinary life, I don’t want. He wanted to do something different and out of the box. He was an ethical hacker with an RHCE certification. Soon enough, all of my batchmates were got placements, and He was feeling left out. Harsh felt that my accumulated social engineering and tech knowledge was a waste and that he should have stuck to my books.

In 2008, he graduated from college and backed away to Delhi. He started living in a one-room apartment in and worked for Convergys as he awaited his acceptance letter from Accenture.It was that time when he started writing  blog to share whatever he was learning regarding technology, hacking, social engineering, etc. He took a different route and used it as a platform for sharing knowledge.


I could hardly believe it when my blog started making enough passive income that I could buy gifts for my parents, and even pay my bills!

                                                                                       -Harsh agarwal

Life-Changing Accident:

In 2009, he had an accident that changed his life for forever. The doctors told him that he would never be able to walk again, he almost lost all expectation and confidence for a decent life, but after a successful surgery, he would able to walk again.

During those seven months, he worked day and night to learn as much as he could about blogging, which offered shape to the present, as well as to the future too. Without a doubt, he mischance is likely the reason you are here on this site perusing about me now.

December 2009, he went to Pune to meet another blogger from India .they teamed up to create a new industry there, and for six months he worked as a B.D.O. with my new partner.

August of 2010, he decided to back away to Delhi again. Moving back to Delhi turned out to be a great decision as ShoutMeLoud started getting his complete attention & harsh began accomplishing our objective to make mindfulness about profit from blogging.

In 2013, ShoutMeLoud won a prestigious award as “Best Indian blog by Indiblogger” & that was a proud moment for me, ShoutMeLoud team & our readers. Harsh failed many times but most important he learned a lot from those failures & success.


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